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Types of Retail Spaces



Traditional storefronts along Ashburn's main streets offer businesses excellent visibility and foot traffic. The charming architecture of these spaces adds character to the shopping experience.

Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls

Ashburn is home to modern shopping malls, providing businesses with the opportunity to tap into a steady stream of shoppers seeking diverse retail experiences under one roof.

Pop-up Shops

Pop-up Shops

For those testing the waters or aiming for a temporary presence, pop-up shops in Ashburn offer flexibility and a chance to engage with the community during special events.

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Benefits of Renting Retail Space
Cost-Effective Solutions
Cost-Effective Solutions

Renting retail space offers cost-effective alternatives to ownership, allowing businesses to allocate resources more efficiently.

Flexibility for Business Growth
Flexibility for Business Growth

The flexibility that comes with renting allows businesses to scale up or down based on market demands, fostering adaptability and sustainability.

Proximity to Target Audience
Proximity to Target Audience

Being in close proximity to the target audience enhances visibility and accessibility, contributing to increased foot traffic and potential sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Retail Space for Rent

in Sterling, VA at Richland Business Center

Q1. What types of retail spaces are available for rent at Richland Business Center?

Ans: At Richland Business Center, we offer a diverse range of retail spaces to suit various business needs. Whether you're looking for a small boutique storefront or a spacious retail space, we have options that cater to different requirements.

Q2. How can I inquire about the availability of retail spaces in Sterling, VA?

Ans: To inquire about the availability of retail spaces, simply visit our website and explore the listings. Each listing provides detailed information. You can also contact our leasing team directly through the website or by calling 703-421-5222.


Available Now!

1st Floor Retail

Suite 102

3000 S.F. Prime Retail with direct signage on Rt. 7. Open floor plan. Unit maybe expanded to approx. 5000 S.F. Ample storefront parking. Two Glass storefront entrances on Rt. 7 and Maple leaf Rd. Move in!

  1. 3000 s.f. Prime Retail Directly on Rt. 7.
  2. Option to expand to 5,000 s.f.
  3. Exceptional Signage on Rt. 7 & Maple Leaf Pl.
  4. Open floor-plan.
  5. Ample store-front parking at both entrances.
  6. Located in-line with other Retail.
  7. Handicapped accessible restroom.
  8. Service corridor access for deliveries.
  9. Condominium Retail.
  10. Verizon Fios & Comcast available .

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